Burning Shed Pre-Orders For New Van Der Graaf Generator Album
Date: Saturday, January 29 @ 12:05:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Burning Shed is now pre-selling the new Van Der Graaf Generator album A Grounding In Numbers in both CD and limited edition vinyl formats. [A Grounding... is due out March 14, 2011]

The limited edition LP is individually numbered. packaged in a die-cut sleeve and restricted to 2000 copies worldwide.

Mixed by Hugh Padgham, A Grounding... possesses a fantastic clarity and depth of sound and sees VDGG pushing ever further forward into the twenty first century.

A group with a certain history, perhaps, but also an emphatically modern one.

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1. Your Time Starts Now
2. Mathematics
3. Highly Strung
4. Red Baron
5. Bunsho
6. Snake Oil
7. Splink
8. Embarrassing Kid
9. Medusa
10. Mr. Sands
11. Smoke
12. 5533
13. All Over The Place

[Source: Burning Shed]

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