Progressive Power Metal Band Tangent Plane Announce The Release Of ''Project Eli
Date: Saturday, February 05 @ 18:30:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

The mix and mastering for the new Tangent Plane album Project Elimi are already done at the Prophecy and Music Factory Studios Kempten/Germany under the supervision of R.D.Liapakis and C. Schmid (Mystic Prophecy, Suicidal Angels, Orden Ogan, Eldritch, etc.).

Artwork by Jonas Kawalek (Mystic Prophecy, Devils Train). Release Date: 25th March 2011 on the 7HARD label.

Watch out for big promotion in magazines like Rock Hard, Heavy, Rock Tribune, Legacy, Inhard, Eclipsed, Rock It, etc.

The cover artwork and track listing of Tangent Plane's new album Project Elimi have been unveiled. The second effort from Germany's premiere progressive power metaller's will be released on March 25 via 7HARD Records.

The album cover made by Jonas Kawalek (Mystic Prophecy, Devils Train, etc.). Mixed and mastered by C. Schmid and R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy, Suicidal Angels, Orden Ogan, Eldritch, etc.)

Track Listing:

1. One Month In Real-Time
2. One With The Lies
3. Ice Age
4. Borrow Me Your Dullness
5. Do You Live
6. Deadborn
7. One Moment And The Murder After
8. Project Elimi

Progressive Power Metal :: Over 76 min. running time - value for money!

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