3 Seconds Of Air: ''We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun'' Out Mar 25
Date: Saturday, March 19 @ 13:00:00 UTC
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[We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun] is 3 Seconds Of Air's second album for Tonefloat, but, against initial plans, it is not a straight-forward continuation of their The Flight Of Song debut. Manifesting itself on We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun, which, again features Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries and Paul Van Den Berg, is a striking shift in perspective. Its most apparent harbinger is Verhoeven's bass, which has moved prominently to the foreground, considerably gained in agility and now spans a wide sonic space behind which her partners' guitars strike up a hypnotic dialogue.

For We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun, they have now left the St-Theobaldus chapel and its cathedral resonance behind them and made Serries's private home studio the latest addition to their line-up. Recorded mainly using close-mic'ing, the album consequently has a palpably more immediate, intimate and physical presence to it – on some instances, you can literally hear the movement of chairs across the floor. This, in turn, has simultaneously created a tendency towards more pronounced composition, while maintaining the strict rules of no post-editing and overdubbing. Ultimately, it has implied an entirely new way of interacting: while the chapel would seamlessly fuse their individual voices, in the studio-setting every single note shone through, demanding an even more carefully-measured approach. The consequences are as stimulating as they are risky: on this effort, 3 Seconds Of Air are constantly walking on the razor's edge. the reflections of its blade are revealing the different characters of the band with a new sense of clarity: We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun is the story of three musicians growing not just as a group, but as individuals.

We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun will be released on CD, and as well as a deluxe edition containing the CD and a complimentary 180grams two track LP with exclusive songs. The release date is March 25th 2011 on Tonefloat. Listen to "When Desolation Strikes The Eye" from the forthcoming CD at the 3 Seconds Of Air website.

Showcase March 25th 2011

Celebrating the long-awaited follow-up to The Flight Of Song, 3 Seconds Of Air will play this exclusive and rare concert at one of the best acoustic and comfortable theaters in Belgium. Therefor you're invited to this concert on Friday. March 25th 2011 at CC Luchtbal (Schouwburg), Columbiastraat 8, 2030 Antwerpen. The entrance is free, starting 8pm. Easy to find, closeby the E19 highway with direct parking at the theater.

[Source: Dirk Serries newsletter]

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