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Date: Friday, May 11 @ 23:00:00 UTC
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May we introduce the titles Musea Records are issuing this month? We start this round up with Minimum Vital - Chapitre 3: Minimum Vital is most certainly among the most original groups to emerge from the eighties progressive rock scene. The first works from twins Thierry & Jean-Luc Payssan mix influences from Yes, guitar playing to the fluidity worthy of Mike Oldfield, an amazing technique legacy of jazz-rock fusion and countless innovations, with a strong impregnation of medieval music and Occitan traditions. This French band has forged an identity of style and originality incomparable, and is now recognized as a benchmark in itself. Envol Triangles/Les Saisons Marines includes the first cassette (1985) and the first vinyl (1987). A magnificent opus recorded for the label Musea, Sarabande gives vent to light the strong personality of training in Bordeaux.

Minimum Vital is not far from equaling the largest bands such as Yes or Camel. "La Source" (1993) announced the arrival of the singer Sonia Nedelec and her sidekick Jean-Baptiste Ferracci. They speak in a language invented for the circumstances, a mixture of Latin, Occitan and Portuguese. The video Les Mondes De... reveals what could charm the North American audience, reputedly demanding, during 51 minutes of superb concert given at the ProgFest 1994 in Los Angeles. It includes songs from their first three albums and unreleased tracks.

Esprit D'Amor (1997) renews the genre completely, leaving aside the vain technical impasses and pretentious to deliver music that resource to imaginary roots. Published the same year, "Au Cercle De Pierre... captures the fiery burst of energy and "vitality" of musicians on stage. The CD includes twelve tracks including two previously unreleased (in the studio) and interactive content (including biography, music and video).

After an unbearable silence of nearly seven years, fortunately filled by the Vital Duo experience, Minimum Vital returned with a new studio album. Atlas (2004) continued the tradition of the most beautiful way, refining still more the style that is theirs. The seventh album Capitaines (2009) even seems to make a return the source (pun intended!). Sometimes instrumental, often sung, these nine pieces are faithful to the style single group. Rhythms and percussion are used more here than usual, giving a ethnic overtones in several pieces. A desire to be always melodious and played with maniacal care, the music reveals several times called upon to take place alongside the best tracks of the group: among others, "Capitaines", "La Croix De Bourghi Band&ocaret;" and "La Route." Here timeless music, composed and performed with a longing to approach perfection.

And now a DVD called Chapitre 3. Filmed on March 4-5, 2011, the band played the following tracks: "Saladin," "Saltarello," "En Castille," "Rodéo," "L'Enfance Des Sages," and "Le Tourdion." Three additionnal songs were filmed on February 11-12, 2012: "La Basse Danse," "Fantaisie Pour Mandoline," and "La Pavane."

The Damnation Project - The Damnation Project: The Damnation Project is a Greek prog rock-metal band, which was formed in October 2009 by Ioannis Degdekis (guitar & vocals), Ioannis Kakanis (keyboards and piano) Agathocles Mpakaros (drums) and Michail Katsaros (bass). A few months later they released their first demo, and a lot of live performances later, George Polyzos became their new bass player. Finally, after Wool became their new drummer, they recorded and published 8 songs which include the complete characteristic sound of the band: Eastern-Greek sounds and scales, mixed with elements of prog metal, blues, classic rock guitar solos, atmospheric keyboards, solid bass forms, clean melodic vocals, even Greek folk rhythms. From Anathema and Riverside to Vangelis and Xatzidakis sounds, everyone is invited on this multi sound music orgy!

Klimperei - Improvisation With Myself: Klimperei is the project name of Christopher Petchanatz, a composer from Lyon who became known in Los Paranos. This is the deformation of the German verb "klimpern" which means "ringing." By extension, we also think of notion of "bricolage," very present in the work of Klimperei. Sparkling and cunning guises simple and naive, his music just imagines the meeting of Satie and rock. A little continuity in Pascal Comelade, toys take the place of instruments, plunging us into the sweet world of our childhood. Ideal for audio illustrations! The debut album Where Memories Began To Fade was recorded in 1987, and would be followed by the publication of Tout Seul Sur La Plage three years later.

Blumenfabrik dates from 1994, while Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles would have to wait six more years to get out of the hat to the In-Poly-Sons Toqué ... The growing awareness of Klimperei goes and brings together an audience of more and much larger in France than in from as far away as Japan. This is also where we come from today a collection of three albums showing his early works, mostly unpublished, published by the Novel Cell Poem label at the request of many fans. The first volume is entitled Pimpant! and compiles thirty three tracks recorded between 1988 and 1994. "Big Et Bang" (2001) was established in the year 2001 for the Aquarius Theatre in Lyon. Second part of the collection Les Zut-O-Pistes dear to Dominique Grimaud and Gazul label, Patamob presents a selection of previously unreleased captured between 1997 and 2001. Not to be missed!

Improvisation With Myself - Volume One (2008) is a set composed and recorded in three weeks, semi-improvisational with oneself. An original design of tonal improvisation and playful, spontaneous approach and fast "re-recording." The occasion also inaugurated a new collection InPolySons: CDs that want simple (Pocket hardback black and white), to release the costs and limit plastic pollution. A CD-object that should be followed by new volumes to begin a conceptual work that should remain. CD sustainable? ... The first collaboration between Klimperei and Pierre Bastien dates back to 1986 and 1987, and the first joint publication was released in 1995 on the album of Pierre Bastien, Eggs Air Sister Steel (In-Poly-Sons). Then in 1998 the label Priskosnovenie released the album Mécanologie Portative of the two (three) protagonists. Following the same recording sessions, "Octogonale Impérative" in no way was considered of the studio, and considered "bottom drawer" (?). Instead, these records remained in the shadows and remixed in 2009, are often more daring than the original album.

Plus, there are several releases from the BSC - Prudence label that Musea has available: Delago & Sianipar - Tobatak, Eichstaedt - My Own Little World , Gandalf featuring Steve Hackett - Gallery Of Dreams - Plus Live!, Rüdiger Gleisberg - Symphonic Arts, David Gordon & Steve Gordon - Groove Tribe, Christina Lux - Playground, Rocket In A Pocket - So Long Earth People, Udo Schild - It Ain't Over Now

[Source: Musea, Minimum Vital website]

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