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Date: Sunday, May 20 @ 17:05:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

"Here is the latest Galanews!," declares Galahad's Stu Nicholson. "The Battle Scars limited edition (300 copies only) 180gm vinyl LP complete with gatefold sleeve will be released officially on Monday 28th May 2012 in conjunction with Ritual Echo Records:

"Each LP will also come with a copy of the full album on CD in a clear plastic wallet containing the bonus track 'Sleepers 2012' plus a Galahad logo window/car sticker.

"Copies are available to order from the official Galahad website: and also from the Ritual Echo Records website.

"The second Galahad album of 2012 will be mixed in the next few weeks and, hopefully, be released in September 2012.

"This album also includes Neil on bass as he managed to complete all his bass parts, although he was in a lot of pain and had to sit down to play because of the discomfort. This album will also include an bonus track with a contribution by ex-Galahad keyboard player Mark Andrews as he wrote the original song. More details to follow.

"After a live sabbatical of nearly two years Galahad will [be] up and running in late summer/autumn to play a few selected live shows to promote both new albums and we can’t wait:

Sunday 19th August – The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch, UK (Free festival warm up)
Saturday 1st September – Progmotion Festival, De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands with Minor Giant and Wolverine
Saturday 15th September – The Peel, Kingston, UK with special guest Alan Reed
Saturday 20th October – PROGUPHORIA festival, Mr Kyps, Poole, UK with The Cryptic Clues (effectively Twelfth Night), The Paul Menel Band (Ex-IQ) and Alan Reed (Ex-Pallas) [see next news item]
Saturday 27th November – Danfest 2 – The Musician, Leicester,UK with Also Eden, Konchordat, The Gift and two others TBA

"More shows will be announced in due course and there will be a 'Part 2' to our live escapades during the Spring/Summer of 2013. [Ah, would that be Galavanting? -ed.

"One For The Record - Official Galahad Biography: Now nearing completion, it is hoped that the official biography of Galahad, written by Andrew Wild will be published during the Summer of 2012. The biography also comes with a complimentary video archive DVD, which contains rare and unseen video footage of the band covering the period 1986 to 2010.

"[And j]ust a reminder, that the complete Galahad back catalogue is now available to download from the official Galahad website as are most physical CDs. There are also a number of free downloads available from the site.

"That’s about all for the moment, but there will be more to follow... In the meantime thanks for all your support and Ciao for now."

[Source: Stu Nicholson/Galahad]

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