Z To Release Cantarella In August
Date: Saturday, July 12 @ 20:21:42 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Electronic, Rock, Progressive, Space, Jazz, Ambient, Ethno, Instrumental, Jam, they call it ‘Trance-Continental Music‘. Z means ‘he is alive‘ in Greek. Cantarella is the poison used by the Borgias in medieval Italy, it gave its victims a 'sweet death.' You can also find it in Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliet.

The experienced musicians from Northern Germany have played together since 2012. Jann Fiebelkorn (bass) and Burkhard Freiberg (guitars) were active in local cover bands (June, Tuesday). Marcator (guitars, electronics, vocals) was also a member of different bands before he concentrated more and more on work in his Foolswood Studio and released 13 CDs on the Prudence label as musician and producer.

Thomas Antonczyk (drums) has been working as a professional musician for more than 20 years. He was a studio drummer in Hamburg, toured with Hip Hop artist Eric Gray all over Europe, is currently in the band Sangit (Björn Both-Santiano) and runs his own drum school (North Beat). Jürgen Breuninger (Didgeridoo, Percussion) is a guest member (studio and live) in Z. He is also in Sangit.


1 Cantarella 13:21
2 Herz zerbricht 09:46
3 Trance-Americana 09:45
4 Macht 09:49
5 Trance-Continental 13:05
6 Jungle Patrol 07:26

TOTAL 63:12

Hear audio samples here.

[Source: BSC Music]

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