Mondo Drag Free Download of New Song "Out Of Sight"
Date: Monday, December 14 @ 21:54:51 UTC
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The Occultation Of Light Out Feb. 26‏

Mondo Drag, the Bay Area psych-trio who return in 2016 with new album The Occultation Of Light (Feb. 26, RidingEasy Records), offer up the first listen to the new album with a free download of the song "Out of Sight" (

Pre-orders for the eight-song album are available now via Bandcamp ( and iTunes ( Physical pre-orders are available via RidingEasy Records’ web store (

"Each of our albums has directional changes in songwriting and this third chapter is no exception," says vocalist/keyboardist John Gamino. "Since moving to Oakland, we've been privy to the large amount of music that flows through a major cultural center. We've seen legendary acts like Magma, King Crimson, Goblin, and Yes. We are always trying to expand our sonic range and we definitely explore some new areas on the new album that we've not been to before."

Produced by fellow Bay Area resident Phil Manley (Trans Am, Wooden Shjips), the album was recorded live, tracked and mixed on analog tape at El Studio in San Francisco following a tour with Electric Citizen and Slow Season.

The Occultation Of Light track list:

1. Initiation
2. Out Of Sight
3. Rising Omen
4. Incendiary Procession
5. The Eye
6. In Your Head (Parts I & II)
7. Dying Light
8. Ride The Sky (Bonus Track)

Mondo Drag is John Gamino (vocals/keys), Nolan Girard (guitar/synth), Jake Sheley (guitar), Andrew O'Neil (bass) and Ventura Garcia (drums).

[Listening to the track as I write this... there's a classic 70s psych feel to the piece, so they go that down. The production - at least of the clip, through my computer's speakers - has a heavy, warm feel... not the crisp and clear sound of modern recordings (which sometimes seem to be to be too high-def). I find this a plus, not a minus; though again, hearing it a lower volume and on adequate but not high-end speakers... Interesting stuff -ed.]

[Source: Speakeasy PR]

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