Tiles Release First Track From New Album "Pretending 2 Run"
Date: Sunday, February 28 @ 17:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

"We are pleased to release the first single from our upcoming double album Pretending 2 Run through an exclusive premiere at PROG Magazine," writes the band at their website. "Featuring Canadian icon Kim Mitchell on lead guitar, 'Shelter In Place' is the first full song released from Pretending 2 Run; a vivid and richly crafted song cycle that spins the tale of a man blindsided and disillusioned by betrayal.

"The 'Shelter In Place' video was produced by Mathew Kennedy, and filmed and directed by Paul Dzendzel. With the video suitably framed in a cramped and dark space, 'Shelter In Place' is the second track of the album and establishes the post-traumatic condition of the story's central character as he begins his journey from isolation to redemption.

"The static guitar riff changes perspectives as flurries of drums and shifting bass rhythms propel the song from tense claustrophobic verses to spacious melodic choruses.

Pre-orders are now available at The Laser's Edge! The label commissioned a Limited Edition t-shirt design from Hugh Syme and are offering a special pre-order bundle [through March 31] – don’t miss out..."

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