Metal Mind Productions Presents ''End Of The Weakness,'' Archeon's Debut Album
Date: Sunday, December 09 @ 21:01:37 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Metal Mind Productions presents End Of The Weakness, Archeon's debut album. Influenced by Jan Sebastian Bach as well as In Flames, Archeon creates songs which are heavy but, at the same time, melodic, diversified and easy to listen to. The band perform with great precision and technique and their music wins them very positive feedback of the audiences from Europe and North America. The album will be released in Europe on the 21st January 2008 and on 18th March 2008 in USA (via MVD).

The band, formed by Michal Kostrzynski and Michal Tomaszewski in mid 2001, was looking for a team to create a unique music which would mirror their fascination with classical melodies. They met Janek Lesniak who was playing keyboards. Soon after that they bumped onto a very determined drummer, Tomasz Grochowski. Rhythm section was integrated with a bass player Andrzej Sadrakula. Only a vocalist was missing. After unsuccessful rehearsals with many young metal heads, Michal Kostrzynski decided to take over the position of the vocalist. It was just a matter of time when they started to support local metal bands.

A year after being formed, the group entered Hertz studio and with a help of famous producers, Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawscy, recorded their first single "Dead World." In January 2003 the line-up of Archeon changed: the position of the rhythm guitarist was taken by Radek Polrolniczak, and bass player by Grzegorz Jezierski. The single was warm received by Polish media. Magazines such as Metal Hammer and Mystic Art did notice Archeon. There was no way to hold on! Archeon played several supporting gigs for the very popular Polish heavy metal band, Hunter.

After a successful tour the band went back to the studio to work on the material for the debut album End Of The Weakness. The recording session took place at Studio-X in Poland in January 2004. A few months after the recordings, Grzegorz Jezierski left Archeon. He was quickly replaced by Jarek Kajszczak. In September 2004 Janek Lesniak made a decision to leave the band and the world of metal music. He joined the Polish Army. As a quartet Archeon made a videoclip to the song "Prayer," which was becoming more and more popular and requested to be broadcasted in the media. Success of the song came together with the album release. It took only a few months for Archeon to be noticed by metal heads from all over the world. End Of The Weakness surely deserves an attention of the metal music lovers!


1. Arising
2. Day Of The Doom
3. Dead World
4. Queen Of The Night
5. Struggle With Death
6. Lost Fool
7. Ruins Of Life
8. Prayer
9. Hungarian Dance

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