Dream Evil - "Metal Gods"

Year of Release: 2024
Label: Century Media
Catalog Number:
Format: Stream
Total Time: 03:30:00

I don't typically review singles... but as I'm getting back into the reviewing mode after some time away (long story, won't share here*), I was moved to comment on Dream Evil's single "Metal Gods." How I got here is two-fold, but I'll get to that*. What occurs to me is two things - one, heavy metal is probably the only genre that is so self-referential. I'm not talking about covers, or songs that may name-check current events or even bands that sound like (or steal their sound from) other bands - I mean literally songs about heavy metal by heavy metal bands. Are there prog songs that espouse the virtues - or gods - of prog rock? (Maybe...?) It's not an issue that these tributes to a genre exist, just that there seem to be a lot of them.** From Dream Evil at the very least.

Add to that list "Metal Gods"... the first single from their forthcoming album of the same name - this not an advertisement, just a fact: it is to be released July 26 via Century Media. Anyway, I've listened to it thrice now (so far), and the reference(s) that stand out to me are to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Not obscure references, either, as song titles are literally quoted.

So, how about the track itself, yeh? That's thought number two: Chugging right out of the gate this track is -- guitars by Markus Fristedt and Fredrik Nordström; bass by Peter Stålfors, and drums by new member Sören Fardvik. It's heavy but melodic; it's Dream Evil. And yes, Maiden-esque. Beyond that, there are the rousing shouts of "metal" in the chorus that will inspire the ubiquitous fist in the air. So, laugh if you will at yet another track that celebrates metal and metal bands, but never mind that really. Not saying the subject matter isn't important, but that's just what the song is about. Instrumentally speaking, what could have come across as silly if they were trying to emulate all these artists in single track isn't; it is very solid and focused, driving melodic power metal. And serious. Vocalist Niklas Isfeldt is still behind the mic, and I love that his voice is just that right mix between "shrieker" but not too shrieky, and gruff but not cookie monster gruff (not even Hansi Kürsh-gruff).

In short, I like it.

*so... a) In updating our "festival focus" page on ProgPower USA with a band change yesterday, I was on PPUSA's Facebook page where the track was linked to, I played it, I had thoughts; and b) I wanted to get some new reviews posted for our Sweden Rock "festival focus" page, so... there. With b in mind, in this week's spins have also been HammerFall, Avantasia and Riverside (and Dream Evil's Six... all quite different from each other. Riverside's ID.entity (2023) has been my favorite spin.

**And I can't overlook their third album was itself in part/mostly an homage as well, as I revisit what I wrote - ooh - nearly 20 years ago now.

Metal Gods (3:30)

Sören Fardvik - drums
Fredrik Nordström - rhythm guitars
Niklas Isfeldt - lead vocals
Peter Stålfors - bass
Markus Fristedt - lead guitar

Dragonslayer (2002)
Evilized (2003)
The Book Of Heavy Metal (2004)
United (2006)
In The Night (2010)
Six (2017)
Metal Gods (2024)

Gold Medal In Metal (DVD+2CD)(2007)

Genre: Power Metal

Origin SE

Added: June 5th 2024
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.dreamevil.se
Hits: 561
Language: english


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