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Description: This French progressive band first formed in 1990, and has a symphonic rock style, has been compared to Ange or Atoll (the latter a late 70's/early 80's French progressive band).
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Description: German metal band
Added on: 19-Dec-2009 Hits: 1674
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  California Guitar Trio 
Description: The California Guitar Trio are Hideyo Moriya, Paul Richards, and Bert Lams, all "graduates" of Robert Fripp's School of Guitar Craft.
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  Callenish Circle 
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 2020
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Description: Calliope are another Italian symphonic progressive rock band begun 1989, playing music that has ranged in style, currently being compared to that of Eris Pluvia.
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Description: Camel are British jazz influenced progressive rock band, the core of which is Andrew Latimer; Pete Bardens was once a member, as was Richard Sinclair (Caravan) and Kit Watkins (Happy The Man).
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  Campo di Marte 
Description: Italian progressive rock band who released one, self-titled album in 1973. In 2003 original members Enrico Rosa (guitars, vocals) and Mauro Sarti (drums and vocals) reformed the band to celebrate their 30th anniversary.
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Description: 70's avant-garde rock group, compared to Zappa and Velvet Underground though "their music was more serious and inaccessible than that of either of those artists" [All Music Guide to Rock, 2nd ed. pg 156]. Now touring as Can-Solo-Projects, featuring all the original members except Holger Czukay.
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