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CD/DVD Releases: Klaatu Members In The Studio

Posted on Thursday, June 12 @ 06:29:48 UTC by nightowl

As posted on Kaatu's site, "John Woloschuk and Terry Draper from Klaatu visited Juno Award winning engineer John 'Beetle' Bailey's Drive Shed Studio in Weston, Ontario today [May 27] to begin the editing of six live tracks recorded during their 2005 reunion show at Klaatu*Kon in Toronto.

"Beetle has a very impressive studio set-up in the former Arnyard Studio location once owned by Frozen Ghost's Arnold Lanni. It has 96-bit ProTools editing suite perfectly suitable for Klaatu's minimalistic acoustic tracks.

"There was a small amount of audio correcting done. The band's Dee Long, who was unable to attend, made some cosmetic changes to the performance back in 2005 right after the performance. Today's work involved making the mix brighter, and more balanced so that the guys can determine who will do the final mix. Several names have been bandied about, but no decision has been made as yet.

"However, it is expected that the six songs will be finished mixing by the week after next so that the Solology CD assembly and packaging can commence and the DVD editing can begin (as the audio being mixed needs to be added to the raw footage). All the pre-edited and semi-edited footage has been moved onto a new hard-drive for easy transportability and handed off to a new production company who will be named once work has started.

"Hope this helps those who've waited for these releases feel at ease that the project(s) are getting closer to being complete.

"Don't forget to check out the photos from today's session in the http://www.klaatu.ca photos section."

[Source: Klaatu site, via E-prog posting]

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