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CD/DVD Releases: ''The Dali Dimension: Decoding The Mind Of A Genius''

Posted on Sunday, June 29 @ 22:36:56 UTC by nightowl

It's not a music release, but like some of the best prog, Dali's art could be mind blowing. So... MVD Visual announce the release of the documentary The Dali Dimension: Decoding The Mind OF A Genius. Multiple Award winning film delves into the psyche of the most important Surrealist artist who ever lived, Salvador Dali. Through a series of rare film clips and interviews with the artist, Dali Dimension explores the many inspirations that resulted in Dali's unforgettable masterpieces. A documentary by Joan ?beda, Susi Marqu?s and Eli Pons. Narrated by Joseph Nuzzolo.

DVD: SRP: $24.95; RUN TIME: 70mins; LABEL: SALVADOR; GENRE: Documentary; STREET DATE: 08/05/2008

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