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CD/DVD Releases: Kairosz Releases Debut Recording On Pereferic Records

Posted on Sunday, December 17 @ 07:04:36 UTC by nightowl

The first release from Kairosz, ?ldott Ido (Blessed Time), has been issued by Periferic Records. Kairosz is the quartet formed by After Crying/Townscream's Vedres Csaba. Writes Andrew J. Rozsa, who shared this item on E-Prog, "They changed styles in 2005 (their electronic music was received with "antipathy") and are now all acoustic. They state that the group's goal is to further the reach of classical music into a more popular/rock format so as to preserve its quality, yet make it accessible by the "masses." Those who go their concerts ought not to be listening for Mozart (komolyzene = serious music = classical music), neither should they expect pop (konnyuzene = light music = rock or anything other than classical) wallpaper-type music. Folks looking for either will be disappointed.

"If you remember Vedres Csaba's philosophy regarding his music (I wrote a translation of it couple of years ago - go to Bands on the e-prog site) or have been listening to his music (After Crying, Townscream, his piano solos) then you should have an idea what to expect. I, for one, will be buying the CD directly from Periferic [...] Go to Catalog - New Releases. 14 Euros.

"The samples I heard are beautiful.[...]

"P.S. Trivia: Kairosz [...] means 'time' or 'weather' in Greek. In Hungarian 'Ido' (kairosz) is also both 'time' AND 'weather.'

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