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CD/DVD Releases: Favored Nations Announce The Release Of ''Steve Vai Presents: Western Vacation''

Posted on Monday, July 05 @ 03:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In the early 1980s, Steve Vai had just moved to California and bought a house in rural Sylmar, California. At the time, it was a place with more animals than people. Steve's little house out in the wilderness, was a place where wayward musicians can come and call home. One of those musicians living at the house, was Marty Schwartz, Steve's friend from his Berklee School Of Music Days. When Steve broke his whammy bar during a gig in the Berklee recital hall, he asked if anyone had a spare rubber band, thats when a faint voice came from audience "I've got one for you Steve!" - that was the first time Steve met Marty.

In Steve's backyard, filled with chickens, ducks, and other various farm animals, Steve's first hand built studio, called Stucco Blue, was the birth place of 'Western Vacation'. This album was created by Marty, and features a handful of Frank Zappa alumni, including keyboardist Tommy Mars, vocalist Bob Harris, and Steve Vai, who was listed as the ''Reckless Fable'' on the ''Western Vacation'' track. Other musicians that played on this album were Chris Frazier on drums, and Jac Mihanovic on bass.

'Western Vacation' takes you on a progressive musical journey with uplifting melodic textures and dynamic musicianship! Bob Harris's voice is as sweet as a red velvet cupcake and the melodies on this record are so delicious. This album has been beautifully re-mastered in the ''Audio Laundry Mastering Lab'' in Steve's Encino studio, from the original 8 track tapes! This deluxe reissue features a wonderful booklet featuring a essay from Steve Vai and legendary writer and publicist Laurel Fishman.

Listen to Western Vacation and see if you can be transported to the idyllic 1980's in Sylmar. ''This captures that time and place with those wonderful friends,'' -Steve Vai.

Western Vacation was released on June 22 and features the following tracks:

1. Western Vacation
2. Nocturnal Emissions
3. Fast Notes People
4. Send Us More Light
5. Patty
6. The Velvet Line
7. Delicious
8. Borrowed Time
9. Burning Flame

Marty Schwartz Interview

[Source: Favored Nations/Digital Nations]

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