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CD/DVD Releases: NEARfest 2005 DVD Due In April

Posted on Saturday, January 20 @ 08:04:54 UTC by nightowl

"Well, all the pieces seem to finally be in place for us to release the NEARfest 2005 DVD!" writes Chad Hutchinson, NEARFest organizer. "The DVD is targeted to be released on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 on NEARfest Records in conjunction with Studio M Live. Pre-ordering will being some time in mid-March through NEARfest Records.

"The retail price of the DVD will be $25.00 (US) and will include nearly 3 1/2 hours of high-definition footage from NEARfest 2005. The DVD will be packaged in a clamshell case with full-color artwork featuring Roger Dean's 'manta ray' logo and amazing photography by Studio M. The DVD itself will have full-graphical menus, including individual menus for each band's song selection. We were able to get 9 out of the 10 acts to agree to the project, which is excellent!

Steve Roach had very personal reasons for not being part of the video portion of the DVD, but has happily agreed to allow us to use his live set from NEARfest 2005 as the background music for all the on-screen menus! As soon as we have artwork, it will be posted on the NEARfest Records site at http://www.nearfestrecords.com.

The tracklisting for the DVD is as follows:

1. Imperial Winter White Dwarf

Frogg Caf?:
1. Fortunate Observer Of Time
2. Creatures
3. You're Still Sleeping

1. Promenade Au Fond D'un Canal

1. Born Brilliant
2. The Seventh House

Knight Area:
1. Conspiracy
2. The Sun Also Rises
3. Mortal Brow (closing section)

The Muffins:
1. Intro / These Castle Children
2. Captain Boomerang (excerpt)
3. Ugly Buttling
4. Walking The Duck
5. Stethorus Punktum

Matthew Parmenter:
1. Feel
2. When She Grows
3. Crutches
4. Rouge
5. Some Fear Growing Old

1. Sora Ni Hikaru (Shining In The Sky)
2. Tjandi Bentar
3. Echi Dal Foro Romano

Le Orme:
1. Felona E Sorona

A big "thank you" to all the bands for their excellent contributions and to the guys at Studio M for busting their butts to put this video compilation together.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available!

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