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Artist News: The Adrian Belew Power Trio/K3

Posted on Monday, January 29 @ 22:17:07 UTC by nightowl

Anonymous writes "

Hi there:

Thought you might be interested in some news (links provided below) regarding Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, and Tony Levin - or the K3 tour -- the Three Kings of Crimson, in which the Adrian Belew Power Trio is the headliner. Who are they? Well, Adrian on guitar, 19 year old Eric Slick on drums, and his 21 year old sister Julie on bass. The Slick siblings are graduates of the Paul Green School of Rock Music - they were two of his original 14 students before the school became a national phenom with 30 branches across the U.S. Both a considerably younger Julie and Eric were prominently featured in the documentary "Rock School".

Eric Slick just picked up a Paiste Cymbal endorsement as a Class A drummer:

The trio will be recording a live CD on February 17, 2007 at The Southgate House, Newport, KY - it will be called Side Four Live. The first "live" single from the CD, grammy nominated "Beat Box Guitar," is available now as a download at www.adrianbelew.net.

For further details - see:



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