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CD/DVD Releases: The Winter Tree Is Signed To ProgRock Records, Release Debut

Posted on Saturday, June 11 @ 15:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The Winter Tree (formerly Magus) is a band formed by composer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Laitres (a.k.a. Andrew Robinson) with vocalist/guitarist Mark Bond and his wife Deb Bond on keyboards. In late 2010 Andrew decided to rename the band The Winter Tree, after the song of the same title by one of Andrew's favorite bands, Renaissance. Andrew, along with new bandmates Deb and Mark Bond, released the self-titled CD The Winter Tree in mid-2011 with ProgRock Records.

The Winter Tree is a synthesis of many different musical styles and genres: rock, folk, electronic, ambient, and world music among others. These elements combine to create a fascinating and cohesive work that should satisfy the progrock enthusiast as well as a diverse listening public.

The band had this to say: "The members of The Winter Tree are delighted to be on the same record label with Michael Sadler, Jim Gilmour, It Bites and Steve Walsh! Back in the 80's, I met Mr. Sadler at a bar after a mind blowing Saga gig and he bought me a beer and encouraged me to 'never give up.' Thank you Michael and thank you Shawn."

"This is one of those happy accidents, I ran across the band quite by random and really loved what I heard, so I tracked down a web site, emailed the contact info on there and Andrew got right back to me, we had a deal 2 days later that's how I like to work," said Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records.

The Winter Tree is the first release from The Winter Tree and is available for immediate ordering, audio samples, information and ordering can be found at www.progrockrecords.com/artists/view.php?id=154

The original Magus releases are now available digitally at Mindawn -- www.mindawn.com/artists/TheWinterTreeMagus

[I've been listening to The Winter Tree as it happens, and it's a nifty CD. I'm quite liking it... there's a 70s mellow rock/folk rock vibe to some of the tracks... another recalls Tangerine Dream ... full review of CD shortly. Meanwhile, you can read my/our review of Magus' Lucid Dreamer -ed.]

[Source: ProgRock Records]

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