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CD/DVD Releases: Oresund Space Collective's New Album Streaming On The Obelisk

Posted on Monday, April 09 @ 16:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The space/psychedelic rock ensemble from Copenhagen, ├śresund Space Collective, led by Scott "Dr. Space" Heller, are about to release a new, vinyl-only, album called West, Space And Love. The material on this album was recorded back in October 2009, featuring Billy "Love" Forsberg and KG West from the Swedish jam rockers Siena Root.

The album is available only as only 200 copies of hand-painted vinyl and digital download, starting from March 31st. Visit The Obelisk website to stream West, Space And Love in its entiretiy at This location

What's next for OSC? The band advise the following highlights:

May - Phaze Your Fears LP (500 copies) on Space Rock Productions (Featuring Claus Bøhling from Secret Oyster, Hurdy Gurdy fame)

June - Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix CD (Featuring Claus Bøhling from Secret Oyster, Hurdy Gurdy fame)

Sept??- OSC/Papir.- Split 7" on Transubstans Records

Live in concert:

6th May Doomtown Festival, Månefisker, Christiania
19th May Dragens Hule, Denmark
16th June Helsingår, Denmark (tentative)
August 2012 Kildemose Festival
August 2012 Sub071, Leiden, Holland (tentative)
August 2012 Yellowstock Festival (Special Jam with GNOD) tentative
12 Oct 2012 Germany (tentative)
13th Oct Zagreb (tentative)
14th Oct Macedonia, Slovenia????? tour wiFjodor) (tentative)

We are also going into the studio in late April to record material for 2013 releases.

Facebook Bandcamp

[Source: Prog-Sphere Promotions and OSC]

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