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CD/DVD Releases: Oz Knozz Signed To The Record Label

Posted on Sunday, April 15 @ 14:00:00 UTC by nightowl

True Believer is the follow up to 2008's highly praised 10,000 Days & Nights CD. The album, which has been mixed and mastered by Brian Baker (of Derringer fame) is currently getting rave reviews in the UK press from Fireworks Magazine, Powerplay Magazine, Classic Rock Presents AOR and numerous websites and independent radio airplay in the UK (including ARFM).

Oz Knozz is Duane Massey, Milton DeCoronado, Robert Guinea, Bill Massey, and Marty Naul. The ten tracks on their latest release are as innovative as they are impressive. The majestic "Empty Room" sparkles with two familiar Oz Knozz elements: great solo work and subtle, tasteful harmonies. The guitar-driven "Goodbye Again" sports a Kansas (the band) flavor, and "Far Away" is a splendid vocal fest.

The award for best groove on this offering goes to "Fox Paws," a sharp and sleek number featuring tight horn solos that provide a compelling contrast to the rest of the song. The pace slows, albeit briefly, with the melodic "Always There", while "Here Comes The Night" boasts a stadium rock intro and perhaps the finest vocal on the album. The up-tempo rocker "Visitor" is followed by the band's interesting take on the blues, "What The...?, complete with horns and a biting guitar solo. The title track brings the energy level up once more, before Oz Knozz wraps things up with the Queen-inspired "Kings And Treasures." The production and performances here are all first-rate. Give this one a listen, and you just might become a True Believer yourself!

True Beliver is The Record Label debut release from Oz Knozz and can be found at www.therecordlabel.net/pop-rock/oz-knozz/true-believer/. The album is available for immediate sale and shipping from our site, the title will be in stores on June 5, 2012.

[Source: TSM Productions (from a The Record Label/ProgRock Records posting)]

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