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CD/DVD Releases: ProgSphere's Progstravaganza Compilation Of Awesomeness - Part X Available Now!

Posted on Saturday, April 21 @ 17:00:00 UTC by nightowl

ProgSphere announce, "We have now reached number 10 in the Progstravaganza series of compilations. And being that it is a jubilee edition, we decided to do something totally different. First of all, this compilation is uploaded to Prog Sphere's Bandcamp profile, which means that you can get it in high-quality audio. But that's not the greatest thing about this Progstravaganza.

"Some time ago, we expanded our activities and now we are running Prog Sphere Promotions, a boutique agency providing bands representation and public relations in the music industry. For this Progstravaganza, the decision was made to establish a totally new subsite (progstravaganza.prog-sphere.com) where all the bands/participants of the sampler would be presented through interviews, reviews, streams and special features during a period of 30 days. It also means that these bands will be presented on the websites of our partners as well in the way of reviews, interviews and radio airplays. Other methods include direct-to-fan approaches and social networking with the aim of building and expanding fanbases.

"This would be the technical side of Progstravaganza X. Now speaking of the music, this sampler is mostly progressive rock/metal, but there are other genres represented as well, proving that Prog Sphere is about being diverse and progressive.

"If you want to see what Progstravaganza X is all about, you might do one of the following (or all of them):

- Visit progstravaganza.prog-sphere.com on a regular basis;
- Subscribe to the RSS feed on: feeds.feedburner.com/progstravaganza
- Like www.facebook.com/ProgSphere or add us on www.facebook.com/progsphererecords
- Follow twitter.com/ProgSphere

To download/stream Progstravaganza X, go HERE."


01. Special Providence - "Babel Confusion"
02. On The Verge Of Sanity - "Sound Of Smoke"
03. Phi - "Manager Of The Year"
04. Pyramidal - "Dawn In Space"
05. Quantum Sphere - "The Space Adventures Of Pyjama Boy"
06. Sam Locke - "Epoch"
07. Paul Hayworth - "Destiny"
08. We Could Build An Empire - "Finest Work"
09. Sot - "Saltpetersyre"
10. The Skys - "Walking Alone"
11. Ifsounds - "Morpho Nestira Part 2"
12. Illusive Circus - "Dream Aways"
13. Nebuleyes - " Stratosphere"
14. Saris - "Waiting 4"
15. Mighty Zazuum - " Float"
16. Bitter Resolve - "Perfect Alignment"
17. The Minstrel's Ghost - "In Search Of"
18. Unified Past - "Here They Come"
19. Fourteen Twentysix - "Fall From Gravity"
20. Villebrad - "Another Worthless Phrase"
21. Morild - "The Slaveship Part 2"
22. Scarlet Romeo - "2 Turns To Days"
23. Bruno Pitch - "La Chateau"
24. Traumpfad - " Sol"
25. Anta - "Apical Dominance"
26. Oresund Space Collective - "High Rise"
27. Trigon - "Peitscht Das Kamel"
28. Sahara Surfers - "Sonar Pilot"
29. Pulsonica - "Metropolis 1926"
30. Johnny Engstrom Band - "Under Haunted Skies"
31. Fughu - " Absence"
32. Truthseeker - "Through The Waves"
33. Hollow Branches - " Afterward"
34. 91s - "Haitian Lady"
35. Summon - " Divisions"
36. Meltingaze - " Remorse"
37. Eyevory - "The Tower"
38. The Mercury Tree - " Cipher"
39. Pseudo/Sentai - " Wonderstood"
40. Circles - "Where Moments Fade"
41. Macondo - "Oda A La Locura"
42. L'ira Del Baccano - "Tempus Inane Flago Requiem Spatiumque Furori"
43. Airs - " Annabelle"


Artwork: Påhl Sundström
Coordination: Nikola Savić / Prog Sphere

Teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqqAJKvvPD4

[Source: ProgSphere]

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