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CD/DVD Releases: Scythe Of Orion To Release 3rd CD May 15, 2012

Posted on Sunday, April 29 @ 13:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The Finnish metal band Scythe Of Orion is proud to present its first LP Sun-dial. It is the 3rd release of Scythe of Orion since the band was formed in 2006. Compared to previous releases, the sound and the graphic image of this album have been influenced by a greater number of professional people.

Sun-Dial tells about the values of today's world. On the album there are songs about greed, the use of power and the state of nature. The lyrics have grown out of personal anguish, but also of love. Musically Sun-Dial is less progressive and more consistent than the previous X-lives. Music is composed by Petri Lamminsaari and the lyrics are written by Anu Lamminsaari, Jani Lahnavik and Petri Lamminsaari.


"Scandinavian Scythe Of Orion’s poetic name is, unlike a lot of acts, no cheap gimmick engineered to warrant attention, for these guys have deservedly got the job done without it, through honest intention ... blissfully smooth melodic goth metal with feel that buries its hands deep in you and never bores. Awesome." - Dave Attrill, MetalliVille, UK

"The band brings a powerful symphonic hardrock with a diverse spices within the sound. There's a folkmusic and pop mix with the metal in 'Journey' and they make it work very cool. Musical and dramatic moments fuels the energy. Lots of tempo changes and great melodies in all tracks." - Andy, Flash Magazine

"Damn fine and very pompish, what I like with this band is that they use a delicate violin and piano parts in the sound to bring out the melodies" - Melodic.net

"I would like to hear more from this band as and when - an interesting listen and recommended to fans of the genre!" - Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music

Band Line Up:

Drums: Jani Lahnavik
Bass: Pasi Jokinen (guest)
Guitar: Petri Lamminsaari
Keyboards: Kristian Wrang
Violin: Maarit Koivisto
Cello: Jori Haukio (guest)
Lead vocals: Anu Lamminsaari


Recorded and mixed by Jori Haukio
Produced by Jori Haukio
Mastered by Mika Jussila
Cover art and layout by Jan Yrlund
Photograph by Peero Lakanen


1- Sun-dial
2- Ice Soldiers
3- Perfect Silence
4- Catch My Dreams
5- From The Beyond
6- Power Invested In Money
7- The Town
8- Listen My Friend
9- Now and Forever
10- The Storm
11- The Day Of Scythe Of Orion

[Source: TSM Productions]

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