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CD/DVD Releases: Rainbow's "Black Masquerade" 1995 Concert Released On CD/DVD

Posted on Thursday, August 29 @ 17:54:06 UTC by nightowl

Eagle Rock set August 26 as the European release date for Rainbow's Black Masquerade, containing footage of the band's 1995 concert in Dusseldorf, Germany that was originally aired on WDR's (German public TV) series "Rockpalast." Due on Digital Audio, Digital Video, CD and DVD, it's one of the few known recordings of the final Rainbow lineup, featuring guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, singer Dougie White, bassist Greg Smith, keyboardist Paul Morris, drummer Chuck Burgi and singer Candice Night.

After his departure from Deep Purple in 1993, Blackmore reformed Rainbow with a new lineup and went into the studio to record the acclaimed Stranger In Us All album. The band then took to the road for an extensive tour which included this 1995 live concert in Dusseldorf filmed for "Rockpalast." The set features several tracks from the Stranger In Us All album alongside classic Rainbow and Deep Purple tracks. The band is in blistering form and Ritchie Blackmore shows just why he is so revered as a guitarist. This previously unreleased show is a great addition to any Rainbow fan's collection.

Black Masquerade track listing

01. Introduction
02. Spotlight Kid
03. Too Late For Tears
04. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll/Black Night
05. Hunting Humans
06. Wolf To The Moon/Difficult To Cure
07. Keyboard Solo
08. Still I'm Sad
09. Temple Of The King
10. Black Masquerade
11. Ariel
12. Since You've Been Gone
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
15. Hall Of The Mountain King
16. Burn
17. Smoke On The Water

[Source: Blabbermouth.net, Amazon.com]

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