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Artist News: Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudzinski Passes Away

Posted on Sunday, February 21 @ 14:00:49 UTC by admin

In a posting earlier today, Riverside shared: "In our deepest pain and disbelief we would like to inform you that our dearest friend and brother Piotr Grudzinski has passed away this morning. We kindly ask you to respect the privacy of his family and friends."

Grudzinski was a founding member of the band. From the bio on the band's website: "The story of Riverside began in Piotr Kozieradzki's car while he was travelling with Piotr Grudzinski. An idea was born in their heads to play neoprogressive music. This idea later materialized in the form of a new band - Riverside. At that time, Grudzinski was playing the guitar in a metal outfit Unnamed, while Kozieradzki was playing drums in death metal bands Hate and Domain. To the surprise of Grudzinski, 'Clutching at Straws,' a song by a neoprogressive group Marillion, was being played through Mittloff's car speakers. It turned out that they were both interested in progressive music and would both like to have a try in this genre. A suggestion to meet at a rehearsal was put forward and it came off some months later, in late 2001.

"[...] In 2002 Kozieradzki, Grudzinski, [Mariusz] Duda and [Jacek] Melnicki, already as Riverside, made their first serious steps. They performed live twice with their own material and in October they entered the studio to record a promotional demo. It was released in March and it gained a lot of attention in the music industry.

"[The d]emo, entitled Riverside, was the quartet's first sign of future success. The record contained 5 compositions – 'The Same River,' 'Out Of Myself,' 'Reality Dream,' 'Loosing Heart' and 'The Curtain Falls.' The tracks served as an early example of the band's already big potential. They marked their wide musical territory clearly stating what might be expected from the band. They revealed their inspirations and at the same time declared their desire to look for innovation and develop the band's own style.

"300 copies of the demo were gone almost immediately. [...] The demand for their music grew bigger and so it was time to record the first full album [Out Of Myself]."

Five further albums (plus various EPs) ensued (the only lineup change being Melnicki leaving and Michał Łapaj joining), with Riverside releasing last year Love, Fear and The Time Machine (2015, InsideOut Music).

[Source: Riverside and Riverside's website]

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