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Artist News: Amaseffer Drop Andy Kuntz From The Band

Posted on Monday, May 28 @ 18:18:38 UTC by nightowl

Amaseffer write, "With sad hearts and mixed emotions we are sadly announcing that Andy Kuntz will not sing on our trilogy of albums and the lead singer roll is now open. After a long period of delays and set backs to our working progress it was decided that the best thing for Amaseffer is to search for a new lead singer that will be committed to his part in the trilogy.

"The damage to our schedule due to Andy's unavailability could no longer be tolerated in order to go forward with the release of the first part of the Exodus trilogy.

"It was not an easy decision for us. Andy is a wonderful person which we loved working with, we wish him all the best in the world and good luck in what he is striving for. we are sure that this is not the end of the road for Andy in Amaseffer, as far as we see it, we will collaborate with him in one way or another some day but for now it's time for us to move on and find the best man for the job to join us on our holy voyage.

"Currently we are auditioning a few leading singers and we will announce our choice in the next couple of weeks.

"Regardless, we will not rush our decision due to our time schedule, the lead singer role is an integral part of our trilogy and we will not compromise the singers quality even if it means that by doing so it will push us back a few steps.

"Good things come for those who wait :-) so stay tuned for the next update.

Amaseffer camp"

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